Why You Should Consider Adding Reviews To Your Website and How it’s Done

Websites and online shops are increasingly relying on ratings and reviews widgets made as interactive sliders or other elements for visitors and customers. Users often leave feedback either on sites using contact forms or give their opinions about products and companies on external rating platforms. Read our article to learn how you can embed best reviews from outer platforms on HTML websites or different CMSs.

Reviews Plugin For Website: What is it and How to Create it

Elfsight Reviews plugin offers a simple yet effective way to collect reviews on products and services from various rating platforms on your website. You can add reviews from more than 30 platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Airbnb, Booking.com, Yelp, AliExpress, eBay, G2, Etsy, Apple App Store, Avvo, BBB, Capterra, DealerRater, Edmunds, Google Play Store, Healthgrades, OpenTable, HomeAdvisor, Hotels, Houzz, Tripadvisor, Vrbo, Zillow and other.

Elfsight offers no-code solution that is easy to create, customize and embed on your website. Widget has a large selection of ready-made templates and supports 99% of popular CMS. This is the best way of adding (or embedding, in other words) reviews on your HTML or any other website working on a popular CMS (WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook Page, Squarespace, Wix and others). 

Try to create your best All-in-One Reviews widget right now!

Benefits of Elfsight Plugin

No coding – Requires absolutely no development or design skills. and anyone can create their own rating plugin and embed the installation code into an HTML section on a website. 

Free service – Support specialists are available to install the plugin for you for free, if a user encounters any setup issues.

Mobile friendly – the plugin adapts to any screen size automatically and looks good on all devices. 

Flexible layouts – 6 plugin elements that can be switched on and off: author name and photo, comment, date, icon and star rating. 

Call-to-Action – Add a CTA button to the widget header to get more reviews on the platform of your choice.

Adaptive interface – 5 UI elements that can be colored: Background, Rating Text, Links, Review request button, rating.

Free plan – trial available without a limited period and reasonable pricing. If your website is not attracting that much traffic at the moment, you can use the plugin for free. 

What Reviews are available for adding

This plugin will automatically add reviews from various platforms to your website. You can combine reviews on your products from various sources or choose just one site to display the reviews from there. The reviews will be formatted and inserted in the content of the HTML page the best way possible, which makes it look more natural. Here’s the list of review platforms that plugin supports:



If you are running a store or selling your books or products on Amazon, then Elfsight’s plugin will help you display reviews from Amazon.com on your HTML website or Facebook Page. 


Aliexpress is one of the largest marketplaces and many global companies are selling their products via official stores there. Elfsight widget supports Aliexpress reviews and lets shop owners display the best of them on official HTML websites.


Etsy is a world-known marketplace that focuses on handcrafted products and vintage items. If you are selling via Etsy and have a lot of reviews there, Elfsight plugin will help you display them on your HTML website or Facebook Page.


eBay is a large multinational platform helping businesses reach consumers and distribute their products. You can add your reviews from eBay to the official HTML website with the help of Elfsight plugin.


Trusted Shops provides customer protection as well as business assistance in a digital marketing sphere. Use the Elfsight plugin to showcase the reviews on your products from the platform and elevate user trust.

Accommodation and Places


Elfsight Airbnb Reviews is a tool that allows you to publish Airbnb reviews on your HTML website. As the platform is highly valued by the customers, the trusted reviews will help you get more reservations.


Elfsight Booking Reviews is a widget that allows you to embed Booking.com reviews on your HTML website or Facebook Page. This is a great way to prove your reputation and attract more potential guests.


Adding real reviews to your hotel’s website from this reliable source will help you promote your services. Use the Elfsight Reviews plugin for a smooth and easy integration.


If you are running a restaurant, then your place is for sure reviewed and rated on OpenTable. Embed these real customer reviews to your official website to get even more visitors coming to your place.


Elfsight TripAdvisor Reviews is a simple tool to integrate TripAdvisor reviews about your business into your HTML website or Facebook Page. Let your potential customers see the appreciation of other visitors  and attract more people.


Elfsight Yelp Reviews is a tool that allows you to post reviews about your Yelp business on the HTML website. Use the potential of one of the best crowd-sourced reviews platforms to promote your local business.


If you are running a business in travelling, recreation or accommodation, then you must be rated and reviewed on Expedia. Use the Elfsight Reviews plugin to embed these real reviews into your official web page and gain trust.


Accommodation reviews on VRBO will help you get more applications and loyal customers for your rental business. Just embed the best reviews via Elfsight HTML plugin to your website or Facebook page so everyone would see them.


Rental reviews from Zillow will help you attract more loyal customers and applications for your accommodation business. Simply embed the reviews on your HTML website or social media page via the Elfsight plugin for all to see.


If you own a restaurant, surely it will be reviewed and rated on Zomato. Embed these real customer reviews as an HTML plugin on your official website to drive even more traffic to your place.

Digital Products

App Store

Elfsight App Store Reviews is a useful tool that allows you  to display reviews of your products and Apple App Store offerings directly on your HTML website. Elfsight Reviews plugin helps you showcase your great social proof and get new purchases.

Google Play

Show the reviews for your Android apps from the Google play store on your website to get more trust among your visitors and potential customers.


The Elfsight G2 Reviews HTML widget is perfect when you want to show your customers that you appreciate them and convince website visitors that products you’re offering are value for money. 


If your best digital products get featured on ProductHunt, then you should add these reviews to your website via Elfsight Reviews HTML plugin. Show  that your offers are worth buying and increase conversions!

Cars and Vehicles


This is a platform where real people leave reviews on car dealers. If you get rated on this online resource, you should definitely use the Elfsight plugin to embed the reviews on your HTML website.


This community of car enthusiasts and experts is valued among car owners. If your dealership business is reviewed here, then don’t miss an opportunity to add these reviews to your official web page.

Professional services


This platform presents profiles of lawyers with reviews from their real customers. Elfsight Reviews plugin will help you add them to your professional HTML website or facebook page for greater trust.


This platform helps bring together homeowners and best service and maintenance professionals. If you are running a local business in house remodelling or offer related products, embed reviews from Homeadvisor to your HTML website to raise your social proof.


Embed the reviews of your patients from Healthgrade on your personal web page or HTML website of your clinic. Elfsight Reviews plugin will help you get higher trust among potential customers.


If you are offering your services on this online community of professional architects and designers, then you must have some reviews from your customers there. Using the reviews from this reliable source on your professional website or Facebook Page will help you attract more customers and promote your products and professional services.


This platform helps find the best professionals and products for home remodelling. If you run a local home business, embed Angi reviews on your HTML website or Facebook Page to increase your social proof.



Elfsight Facebook Reviews is an easy way to embed reviews of your Facebook Page on your website and build your visitors’ trust in your brand and products. With your Facebook Reviews on the site, you can demonstrate a high social approval.


Elfsight Google Reviews is a tool that allows you to post reviews of your Google products on HTML or any other website. Elfsight Reviews plugin will help you boast your high social proof and increase sales.


Elfsight Instagram Testimonials was designed specially for the purposes of using customer Instagram posts as testimonials about your products on the website. 

How to add Reviews to your Website: Full Guide

In fact, adding this rating widget on a web page is easy and any internet user with average skills can handle it. Just follow the guide below.

Open All-in-One demo page to create your own plugin. Press Join to Install when you’re done.
Register an account with Elfsight to get access to your admin panel and copy the installation code there.
Sign in to your CMS account and select a site to install Reviews Plugin on it.
Add an HTML element or block to the page or site template where you want to add a  rating widget.
Paste the installation code there that you’ve copied in the Elfsight admin board.
Save the changes and visit your site to see the widget in action.

Tip: There are numerous design and functionality options for you to choose from. Also make sure to link your Business accounts from various platforms with the app interface and set one of three filter types: by type, exclude by and number of comments.

Adding Reviews to WordPress Website

Adding Reviews plugin to a WordPress website is easy. However, some users prefer Elementor over the default WordPress editor. For simplicity, we’ve combined both embed options.

Use the WordPress editor to add your Reviews into a WordPress website. After adding and modifying them in the Elfsight admin, paste the installation code into the HTML field of the WordPress admin.

And it couldn’t be easier! In most cases, you need to add the installation code to a section of HTML code. 

Here’s how:

Create the Elfsight Reviews plugin in an admin panel.
Copy the installation code.
Log in  your WordPress account.
Go to Pages and select the page you want.
Add a custom HTML block to the required part of the website.
In this block, paste the code that you received in the code generator.
To save the changes, click “Update”.

You can set as many settings as you like in the Elfsight panel and will appear in your Google reviews. No changes are required to your WordPress site.

Set up and embed Reviews in WordPress→

You can also add All-in-One Reviews plugin via WordPress Elementor editor

Many WordPress users prefer to work with a visual editor rather than the default editor as it eliminates the need to deal with HTML. Elementor is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy for website owners to make changes to their pages.

Build Elfsight Google Reviews widget for free in an admin panel. Save.
Copy the installation code.In the WordPress admin, select the desired site.
Either from the site list or from the WordPress admin page, select “Edit with Elementor”.
Drag the “HTML” element to the desired area of ​​the page.
To save changes in both Elementor and WordPress, Click on “Update”.

You can use this tutorial to add Reviews HTML code to any WordPress site built with Elementor. Just repeat the process for as many pages as needed and Reviews will start showing up on your website instantly.

Create and embed Reviews in Elementor→

Adding Reviews to Shopify Website

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Everyone knows how important it is to earn customers’ trust. Reviews certainly help to improve Shopify website performance.

Create, adjust and save Reviews plugin for free at elfsight.com
Copy the installation code .Go to the Shopify admin.
Go to the Online Store section of the Shopify site.
Select “Customize” from the dropdown menu.
Select “Add Section” from the left menu.
Click “Add” under “Custom Content”. Remove the pre-installed parts of Shopify.
From the Add Content menu, select Custom HTML.
Embed the Reviews installation code in the HTML section on your Shopify website.
Save all changes. 

Reviews do not need to be updated after adding to Shopify. Authentic testimonials appear on your Shopify site right after people leave them on your profile. If you want to make  changes to the widget’s design or functionality, you can also do it in the Elfsight admin panel. They will be updated immediately on a Shopify site.

Create and embed Google reviews in Shopify→

Adding Reviews to Squarespace Website

Squarespace helps tech newbies build websites and landing pages without coding. When the blocks are pasted one at a time on the Squarespace page, you can add any type of HTML content, including Reviews plugin. Here’s how:

Create, customize, and save reviews on elfsight.com
Copy the installation code.
Go to the Squarespace Admin panel.
Start an HTML code block in a Squarespace Editor by adding a “Code Block”.
Paste the code of the Reviews plugin into this field. 
Save changes.

Showing Reviews on your Squarespace site is easy. The HTML plugin and any changes made to it appear as soon as you save changes at your Squarespace admin. From then on, you don’t have to manually add reviews to the site, they will appear automatically from your profiles.

Create and embed Google reviews in Squarespace→ 

Adding Reviews to Wix Website

Wix is ​​a platform that allows anyone to create a website using pre-built blocks. To add the Reviews section, you need to  go to the Wix admin panel. You then need to find an option to add custom HTML  to Wix there. Don’t worry, it’ll be easy!

Create the Elfsight Reviews plugin in an admin panel. Save the changes.
Copy the installation code.
Log in to your Wix admin panel.
Go to your panel, find the “Settings” menu.
Select ‘Custom Code’ from the drop-down menu to add HTML code there.
Copy your review code and embed it in the “Add custom code” field.

After completing these steps, reviews section will appear in Wix displayed. Whenever you change the HTML plugin on Elfsight’s page, the changes are automatically reflected on your Wix site.

Create and Embed Reviews in Wix→

Adding Reviews to WooCommerce Website

Many users of various CMSs prefer to work with a visual editor rather than the default editor as it eliminates the need to deal with HTML. WooCommerce is a website plugin that makes it easy for business owners to make changes to their web pages.

Build the Elfsight Reviews widget  free of charge in an administration area. Save.
Copy the installation code.
From the website admin panel, select the desired site.
Either from the list of sites or from the admin page, select “edit with WooCommerce “.
Drag the “HTML” element to the desired area of ​​the page. 
To save the changes in WooCommerce click “Update”.

You can use this tutorial to add review HTML code to any web site built with WooCommerce. Just repeat the process for as many pages as needed and the reviews widget will appear instantly on your WooCommerce site. 

Set up and embed reviews in WooCommerce→

Adding Reviews to Facebook Page

You have the option to add customized content to your Facebook Page. For it you have to create a Custom Tab at your Facebook Page and embed there any HTML content you want. Adding a section with reviews from various platforms for a social media audience to see might be a great way to build trust among the audience. Follow the steps below and get the Custom Tab at your Facebook Page working:

Choose a tab creation service, e.g. B. Woobox.com.
Sign up  for  the service with your Facebook Page credentials.
Open the dropdown menu in the upper right corner and select your page.
Click Static Tabs in the menu and press Create  New Tab. Select the HTML tab.
In the editor that appears, add the code installation code of the plugin.
Click Save Settings. Done!

After completing these steps, reviews widget will appear in your Facebook Page embedded in a custom HTML tab. Whenever you change the HTML plugin on Elfsight’s page, the changes are automatically reflected on your Facebook Page.

Set up and embed reviews in Facebook Page→

Where to Place Reviews on Website

It’s highly important that your potential customers read the reviews about your company at the right moment. Here are some suggestions on where to place reviews on your website:

Start page – Highlight a section with our HTML reviews plugin on your home page. Rotate individual reviews on your products or company from time to time with slider layout or display a feed of handpicked reviews.

Floating Badge – Add rating badge to website template, so it would be displayed on every page of your site before the eyes of its visitors withouth intrfering with the main content.

About Us page – Select texts that help bring added value to your services or position your brand as a partner. Use reviews in a way that facilitates conversations with your audience.

Product or Service pages – Display reviews widget on specific products or services you provide on the HTML pages dedicated to promote them to show how your offerings are performing.

Pricing Page – It’s a good idea to feature a grid of your best customer reviews on the pricing page or in cart to push the visitors to making a positive buyibg desidion without having second thoughts.

Lead Page – Raising a trust among your audience and potential customers is highly important for a successful lead aquisition. Placing a reviews section on your lead page may become a gamechanger for your business.

The Benefits of Customer Reviews

There are several main reasons why adding reviews to a website is very important for any business or brand.

Show the visitors that your business listens to customers.

It’s not a secret that negative and neutral comments provide your business with an opportunity to learn and grow. But few realise that displaying reviews that say something bad about your products for everyone to see may also be beneficial. You can create personalised responses that target specific problems and display negative reviews along with your comments in an HTML plugin. This will convince the visitors you are a responsible brand or reseller, resulting in fewer negative comments and increased customer retention.

Customer reviews are marketing and sales tools for your company.

The other main reason for sharing your reviews with your potential customers is that positive comments can be used in an HTML section of customer reviews during lead acquisition. Having a widget with real reviews on your products from trusted platforms added to your website or landing page can help you get more orders and applications, as well as add more contacts to your CRM. 

According to Digital.com report, more than 30% of consumers consider good reviews to be a deciding factor when considering buying various products online. So don’t just pat yourself on the back the next time you get a five star review on any reviews platform. Make sure everyone knows how well your company is performing.

Inbuilt rating snippet 

Your rating will be displayed directly in the search results page of Google by the means of Rich snippets. You don’t have to implement any schema markup on your website. Our All-in-one review plugin already includes the necessary markup for Google, so all  you have to do is add the plugin to your site. Right after that your rating will appear in the search results.

BrightLocal research shows that high ratings in snippet have a positive effects on CTR growth and has a positive impact on your website’s organic traffic and SEO positioning. 

Customer Reviews In A Nutshell

Widget with products and services reviews from outside platforms add valuable information and progress reports for your customers and site visitors. The fact that you embed real ratings on your site creates trust. Make the most of your customers’ opinions and use their justified criticism and suggestions to optimize your company. 

Customer reviews section will add social proof to your website. Your potential clients will know that you are a trusted brand. So customer feedback gives you insight into how you can improve your product and the overall shopping experience. This is an opportunity you cannot miss.


Who needs the reviews widget on a website?

Customer reviews are one of the most important metrics for any business, but especially for ecommerce and local brands. Real customer feedback presented in the right place at your website can make the difference in your product sales. 

Can I embed Elfsight Reviews plugin to my CMS?

Yes, all our plugins are compatible with 99% of website builders and CMSs. You can embed Reviews plugin on any HTML site and on WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook Page, Squarespace, Wix and others.

How can I add a reviews widget to my WordPress site?

The process is simple – just copy the code of your reviews widget and paste it to the custom HTML block in your WordPress Admin. For a more detailed guide see the article above.

How do I add reviews widget to my Shopify website?

The process is simple: just copy the code of your plugin with reviews from Elfsight, add a new section in your Shopify admin, choose custom content in the dropdown menu and paste the copied code there. For a more detailed Shopify guide, see the article above.

How do I add a reviews widget to my WooCommerce website?

If you run your site with the help of WooCommerce system, enter your admin panel and click “Edit with WooCommerce”. Then copy the code of your reviews widget from Elfsight, add a new HTML block in your WooCommerce website admin, and paste the copied code there. For a more detailed WooCommerce guide, see the article above.

How do I add reviews to my Facebook Page?

To add personalized content to your Facebook Page, you have to first create a custom Tab for your public Facebook page. You can do it via Facebook developers portal or using a third-party service. Then copy the installation code of reviews widget from Elfsight and paste it in the HTML block of your custom Facebook tab. See more detailed instructions in the article above.

How do I add the reviews section to my Squarespace website?

The process is simple: just copy and paste your review plugin code into the HTML Code Block in your Squarespace admin. For a more detailed Squarespace guide, see the article above.

How can I add a reviews widget to my Wix site?

The process is simple: just copy the code of your Reviews plugin at Elfsight. Go into your Wix admin, add a new block and choose the “Add custom code” option.  Paste your plugin code into the HTML block at Wix admin board and save the changes. For a more detailed Wix guide, see the article above.

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