Unlimited Elements 3rd Birthday!

It’s our 3rd Birthday!

And it’s been a crazy journey.

Who would have thought that the world would go crazy with covid for 2 years like this?

My son told me yesterday that he had a bad day at school. I asked him why was that?

He told me that some of the tasks at school are hard for him and he doesn’t want to fail or be unsuccessful.

Without thinking too much I told him that only if he dares to fail he can later succeed but if he doesn’t try to overcome his challenges he will never know his limits.

And that ladies and gentlemen this is the story of Unlimited Elements.

Here is a small list of widgets and features we have released in the past year only because we were not scared to fail and brave enough to dare.

Remote Controls
Sync Widgets
Live Copy Paste
Mega Menu
Mask and Pattern Background
Icon Bullets
Morph Slider
Tag Cloud
Pricing Plans
Memory Game
Tabs Filter
Flip Box Carousel
Background Slider
Post Magazine Grid
Random Image
Unfold Content
Scroll to Top
Multi-Source Galleries
Funnel & Pyramid
Timeline Bullets
Fireworks Background
Step Process
Unlimited Charts
Random Background
Morph Background Slider
Unlimited Google Maps
WhatsApp Chat
Floating Chat Buttons
Post Horizontal Timeline
And Many More Improvements
We even released a new revolutionary Cross-Domain Copy-Paste plugin for WordPress called Doubly.
Now It’s time to celebrate so if you want to join us this upcoming year all you need to do is press the link below and start making the web a better place.

P.S I also always tell my son to say thank you!

So here is my list of thanks to everyone involved.

First and foremost to my Amazing partner Maxim Vendrov

Thank you to the team behind all the magic:

Irit Megubovsky – Lead Designer + Project Management
Moussa Khelifi – Best Developer on Earth
Denys Odintsov – Front End Wizard
Ankit Jindal – Head of Content
Adarsh Pawar – Widget Developer


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