The original name for the Tiramisu is “Pick Me Up” (tirami su), according on which region you find it. The term “Tiramisù” comes from a Venetian dialect and is used to describe any dessert made with ladyfingers, coffee, sugar, and mascarpone cheese combined together. Different regions use slightly different ingredients and preparation methods, yet the Tiramisù is always served cold. It is believed that the recipe originates from Veneto, in North-eastern Italy.

There are many stories about how this delicious dessert came to be. The most widespread story tells of a chef trying to recreate the savoir-faire of Venetian waitresses. They used to snack on coffee soaked biscuits (like the original ladyfingers) with cheese and cocoa, while covering their tiredness “pick me up” after a hard working shift. This is how the recipe was born…

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