Page Builder Accessibility Enhancements

We’re excited to announce Page Builder version 2.12.0 and Widgets Bundle version 1.18.0 introduced wide-ranging accessibility enhancements. Users can now tab through all Page Builder and Widgets Bundle views, form fields and settings, making changes as required without using a mouse. Keyboard navigation is now available in the following areas:

  • Page Builder rows, and columns.
  • Page Builder Layouts view.
  • Page Builder History view.
  • Page Builder Live Editor.
  • Page Builder row and widget form navigation.
  • Widgets Bundle form field navigation.

If you’re a semi-technical user and would like to view the work involved in these enhancements, please, find the pull request links below:

If you or your organization make use of Page Builder or Widgets Bundle accessibility features and have any questions or requests, please, let us know.

Thanks for reading.

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