Create WooCommerce Templates with Page Builder

Take control of your WooCommerce layouts with Page Builder by SiteOrigin. SiteOrigin Premium version 1.10.0 includes our new WooCommerce Templates addon which allows you to build custom Page Builder templates for the Product, Archives, Shop, Cart, Empty cart, Checkout, and My account pages. Reorganize existing WooCommerce content or add new content, all in the familiar Page Builder interface.

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WooCommerce Template Builder Interface

WooCommerce Product Template

WooCommerce Product Template

The WooCommerce Template Builder interface is separated into seven tabs:

  • Product
  • Product archive
  • Shop
  • Cart
  • Empty cart
  • Checkout
  • My account

The Product and Product archive tabs allow for multiple templates to be created. A default template can be assigned to all product and product archives pages, individual templates can be applied to specific products or product archives as required.

WooCommerce Sections in Widget Form

Each WooCommerce page section such as the Product short description or Product data tabs have been provided in widget form.

WooCommerce product template widgets

Product template widgets

You can either start out a template with a prebuilt layout or create your own. In addition to existing WooCommerce functionality in widget form you can also add any of the widgets you’d normally make use of in Page Builder.

Compatible Themes

This addon supports themes that offer basic WooCommerce support such as Vantage. Themes that have heavily modified WooCommerce templates such as Corp, unfortunately, aren’t supported. We hope to release a compatibility setting for Corp soon. If you’re unsure whether your theme will be compatible, feel free to reach out to us via email on, we’ll gladly take a look.

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