April Freebies! Content Boxes for Elementor

If you are here you probably love Elementor as much as we do. Today we are giving away some cool Elementor widgets for FREE (we call it monthly freebies). Each month we will take one category from our widget library and make it 100% totally free for the whole Elementor community, this is just our way of saying thanks. After we take the freebies off and they wont be free anymore you will still get updates and you can still continue using them forever more freely:)  So what are you waiting for get them while they’re FREE!

This months freebies are from the Content Boxes category. All you need to do to use them is download and install Unlimited Elements from the WP directory and you can use all the content boxes available.  If you are new to Unlimited Elements we made you a short video so you can see what it’s about and how to use the plugin.

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